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Springbak Springsoles
® provide the state of the art performance mid-soles made by Champions for Champions that seek to prevail over competition and adversity.  Gain that half step or split second over your competition!

Why do the best organizations in the world rely on Springbak for athletic competition?  Relied upon by professionals and the top collegiate atheltes in the world for the performance and advantage that they need to prevail.

What people are saying about Springbak® Springsoles / Springbak Insoles :

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Champ Bailey, Corner Back - Denver Broncos

Champ Bailey, Corner Back – Denver Broncos

“I can run faster, jump higher, and have less fatigue. I would highly recommend Springbak® Springsoles to enhance athletic performance”
Champ Bailey – Corner Back Denver Broncos

Michael Yessis, PhD – Biomechanic consultant for many Olympic teams; author of 10 books and 2000 articles.

Dr. Michael Yessis, PHD

“As I stated in my book Explosive Running (page 168) Springbak Springsoles increase running speed as well as strength. The surest way to increase running speed is to increase your stride length and stride frequency, this greatly aids the sprinter and distance runner. Springbak Springsoles will accomplish both for todays runners.”
Michael Yessis, PHD – The leader and most published author in the field of Bio-Mechanics

Mark Robison, Head Coach BYU Track & Field

Mark Robison, Head Coach BYU Track & Field

““Members of our track team tested 8-1/2 inches farther in the standing double bound test and 3 inches higher on their vertical jump. I would highly recommend  Springbak Springsoles to any athlete wanting to improve their game”.
Mark Robison: Head Coach Track and Field – Brigham Young University.

“I know the SPRINGBAK® SPRINGSOLES ™ have given me an advantage in athletic performance, rehabilitation and injury prevention. I use the insoles for exercise and I use them with corrective orthotics. Whenever I dispense orthotics to my patients, I also dispense Springbak’s to be used along with the orthotics.”
Dr. Gerry Shigekawa, DC Aspen Chiropractic Center, 1740 West Katella Ave Suite F Orange, CA 92867-3434. United States of America

“Thank you so very much for introducing me to the WONDERFUL performance enhancing Springbak Springsoles. I have introduced them to dozens of college and NFL athletes with 100% success rate and total satisfaction.”
Nelson Vetanze PHD. – 1st Team chiropractor recognized by the NFL. (Denver Broncos)

Speed and Quickness!

What do top collegiate and international coaches have to say about Springbak® Springsoles Insoles?

“We tried using the Springbak® insoles on 7 or 8 of our athletes and every one of them commented that they felt better. They felt like they got a little more bounce off the track. They felt like they were running easier and the Springbak® insoles did increase their speed some. I think the insoles really helps them; they need something to cushion that shock. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Springbak® insoles have helped. I go mainly on what I see and how the athletes respond and if they tell me that it feels good, that they feel like they’re getting off the ground quicker, then that’s what counts.”
Jim Bush, Former Head Coach, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA & UCLA Track Teams – Five NCAA Track Championships

“I personally took part in double blind speed testing of 31 athletes from Brigham Young University, the Czech Republic National Track, and Junior National Soccer Teams. The results of the study showed a very impressive 1-1/2 percent improvement in speed.”
Edward Vozar, former Asst. Coach of the CZECH REPUBLIC NATIONAL TRACK TEAM

“We did a blind treadmill study at the University of Southern California on stride length improvement using Springbak® Springsoles versus placebo pads at 2.5 mph. There was over 2-1/2 percent fewer strides and, at 4.5 mph, there were approximately 4-1/2 percent fewer strides with Springbak® material inserted in the participant’s shoes.”
Dr. Robert Wiswell, Chairman of the Exercise Science Department at UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA

“Our team was definitely quicker with the Springsoles, but the greatest advantage our team noticed is that they were less fatigued after matches, particularly after playing two days in a row.”
Jim Osborne, Head Coach, BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY Men’s Tennis Team, and former Davis Cup Member of the U.S. team

“I noticed a big improvement in our team’s quickness, especially moving from side to side and going for rebounds after inserting Springsoles.”
Dave Houle, Head Coach, Mountainview High School – Girls’ Basketball, Orem, UT, 5-Times State Championship Coach, and 3-Times National Cross-Country Champions Coach

No athlete should be training without them in their shoes. “We use them at L.M.U. and our athletes love them.”
Dave Moore, M.S., C.S.C.S. Head Strength Coach Loyola- MARYMOUNT University-L.A.

Strength Enhancements

Prominent coaches and world class athletes more than double their reps with Springbak® Springsoles.

“Springsoles immediately increase the speed of electrical current in the body (about 12%).  The extra electrical current then makes all muscle contractions more powerful. This gives you the added strength and the reason the patents were issued.”
Michael Yessis, PhD – Biomechanic consultant for many Olympic teams; author of 14 books and 2000 articles

“While an assistant coach at BYU I tested spiking speed of our men’s volleyball team with a speed gun. After an hour of testing it became apparent that they were hitting 5% faster in Springsoles.”
Hugh McCutchen –Head coach University of Minnesota & Head coach USA Men’s National Volleyball Team – 2008 Olympic Champions

“I was able to do just one repetition performing an overhead press with a 55 lb. dumbbell. After resting 3 minutes I pulled off the same 55 lb. dumbbell and promptly did eight overhead presses while using the Springbak® Springsoles”.
E.J. Cafaro: Director Student Athlete Academics – Brigham Young University

“I have trained over 1000 athletes from high school, college and professional sports and have been introduced to all kinds of training equipment. The Springbak® Springsoles are the simplest and most effective training aide I have ever come across. No athlete should be training without them in their shoes.”
Dave Moore, M.S. C.S.C.S., President of Strengthcoach.com. Former strength coach at the following Universities; UC Davis, Wyoming, Marquette and Loyola Maramount

“We timed 12 of our players’ throwing speed with and without Springsoles. All 12 threw faster and averaged 5mph faster throwing speed in Springsoles.”
Dane Iorg, Retired Major League Baseball Player, Owner of Ultimate Sports Academy, Lindon, Utah

“Our department sponsored a strength and stability study at the Weber State University human performance lab. After reviewing the force plate data, showing it took more than twice the force to push off the subjects off the force plate when standing on Springsoles, we have to conclude there is significant strength increase to individuals utilizing Springsoles.”
Howard Gray, PhD – Director of the Department of Gerontology at Brigham Young University

“We strength tested 21 of our track athletes. They were able to do 35% more clap push-ups wearing the Springbak ®Springsoles, despite fatigue and the breakdown of lactic acid in their arms and shoulders from the first trial. I personally observed 4 of our shot-putters throw 3-4 feet farther immediately after inserting Springsoles in their shoes.”
Dave Houle, 60 State and 7 National Titles (Most in U.S. High School History)

“In May 2009, at a weight workout, I sent my two strongest players to strength test Springbak® Springsoles. I personally witnessed both players being able to max out on one overhead dumbbell press with 75lbs. After a 4 minute rest, player number one pulled off the same dumbbell and while standing on the Springbak® Springsoles, promptly did five repetitions before maxing out. Player number two was able to do four repetitions with the same weight on the same Springsoles.”
Jack Mahlstede, Head Football coach at Santa Fe High School, Santa Fe Springs, California

“With a one arm overhead press in the BYU weight room, I was able to do two repetitions with 100 lbs. I rested three minutes and I was able to do seven
repetitions with the same 100 lbs”.
Nyklas Arrhenius – Former BYU athlete, 2007 NCAA discus champion.


What do top collegiate and international coaches have to say about Springbak® Springsoles ?

“We love Springsoles from Springbak®. “We have been using them for an explosive team.”
Carl McGown, Head Coach, Brigham Young University Men’s Volleyball team; USA National Men Volleyball Team Assistant Coach

There is no doubt in my mind after testing and hearing the athlete’s feedback that your innersoles help our athletes jump higher and move quicker.”
John Cook, Head Coach, University of Nebraska Women’s Volleyball Team; USA National Men’s Volleyball Team Assistant Coach

“The New Zealand Men’s National Volleyball Team has benefited from using the Springsoles throughout out the season. The players felt that they have enhanced their performance from using Springsoles both in terms of jump height and injury prevention. The extra inches gained from Springsoles may have been differences that enabled the New Zealand Men’s team to beat Australia for the first time.”
Mike Dudson, Head Coach, New Zealand National Men’s Volleyball

“Members of our team tested 8-1/2″ inches farther in the standing double bound test and 3 inches higher on their vertical jump.”
Mark Robison, Head Coach, Brigham Young University Men’s Track

“While personally observing members of the Weber State Basketball and Track teams, I saw a dramatic improvement in their vertical leaps when using the Springsoles; 3-1/4 inches was the average improvement.”
Dr. Bud Belnap, Former Football coach and Professor in the Human Performance Department, Weber State University

“Immediately after putting on the insoles the player’s on the team could feel the added cushioning and energy return and their confidence level soared. In our Spring Training program the combination of our weight lifting and SpringbakR technology led to an average increase of 2 inches from our pre-season training.”
Kathy Gregory, Head coach “Gauchos” UC Santa Barbara Womens Volleyball, University of California, United States of America

Brendan Brazier – World Class Ironman Tri-Athlete

Brendan Brazier – World Class Ironman Tri-Athlete

“I’m very pleased with the insoles. They’re certainly living up to the expectations I had for them after reading through the Springbak.net website. I’m feeling strong, but it’s not just strength, it’s stable strength that can be transferred to the ground efficiently – moving me forward while conserving energy. Towards the end of a longer run I still feel fresh, and able to maintain a quick and efficient stride.”
Brendan Brazier – World Class Ironman athlete



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