About The Founder of Springbak® Springsoles – Bill Crow

Bill Crow is a former college and professional athlete with physical education and business degrees from BYU. He conceived this idea about the insoles while playing professional basketball. He still plays in the Masters Tournaments across the country with many gifted athletes who are nearing or are past age 60. His team members use Springbak® insoles, and they are quicker, jump higher, suffer less fatigue with greater endurance and no shin splints.

Bill is semi-retired with a successful multi-million dollar business career behind him. The success of the Springbak® insoles both nationally and internationally now demands Mr. Crows full attention.

After 11 years of extensive, scientific work, Bill found the exact way to help athletes come closer to reaching their own physical potential through his Springbak® insoles.

There is no magic pill, voodoo, magnets, or Viagra. The insole and its design make it possible to make significant own measurable improvements! This is just a piece of equipment; like a better engine, better shoes, a better tennis racket or golf club.

“For over a decade, it’s been my goal to help athletes achieve immediate, measurable improvements in performance. The Springbak® Springsole is the realization of that goal. Its space-age polymer will help you run faster, jump higher, and with less fatigue, GUARANTEED.

William Crow
Chairman, Springbak®


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