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Springbak® Performance Boosting Springsoles


If You Make Your Living on Your Feet


If You Lift Things All Day


Springbak® Springsoles lessen fatigue


You really need Springbak® Springsoles they work for you!

Springbak® Springsoles are a 1/16th inch thick insole that will fit in any shoe. Springbak® Springsoles are made out of blended, patented, highly resilient materials that cause some amazing things to happen in your body – without steroids, pills, salves, potions, or any such thing.

If you work on your feet all day – if you lift things all day you’re your job requires physical strength and stamina – you need to put this simple but amazing insole into your shoes!

How do Springbak® Springsoles work?

Springsoles patented design and materials create a symbiotic relationship with your foot the instant you step on them. We discovered that Springsoles speed up the electrical current flow in the human body a minimum of 10%. That increased electrical flow reaches up and draws a little more from your own muscles. You become stronger and more flexible. You have more energy and you can just do more on the job. Then, when you’re through with work, you go home with less fatigue than you did without them. They’re amazing!

With Springbak® Springsoles in your shoes, you will reduce or eliminate shin splints and other foot or leg injuries.

  • work better – with more energy
  • be stronger – with more flexibility
  • have greater endurance – through out the day
  • go home less tired – and will recover faster
  • never have shin splints – and other foot or leg injuries

What people are saying about Springsoles

Springbak Springsoles work for everybody!“I discovered Springsoles when I was six months pregnant with my first child. I was working full time as a grocery clerk – stocking shelves, checking, and everything else that needed to be done. Every day it seemed to be getting harder and harder to do my work. But when I slipped my Springsoles into my shoes, I found the work was much easier, I accomplished more, and I was stronger. Lifting cases was not as hard for me. When I went home each night, I was not nearly as tired as I had been before I discovered Springsoles. They’re wonderful.” Ashley Heath


Science has proven Springsoles will:

    • Give you more energy
      Scientists have known for over 75 years that when electrical current flow speeds up in the human body, the natural result is an increase in the person’s capacity to pull a little more energy from his or her own body.
    • Increase your body’s electrical flow
      Scientists have proven that Springsoles do in fact speed up the body’s electrical current-flow a minimum of 10%. That creates another by-product because muscle elasticity increases and immediately improves range of motion a minimum of 15%.
    • Totally eliminate shin splints
      Springsoles REDUCE FOOT & LEG INJURIES. We can’t emphasize this enough. Years of experience have shown that coaches who put Springsoles in the shoes of their athletes consistently reduce leg & foot injuries while eliminating shin splints and many other kinds of leg problems. Have you ever had shin splints or stress fractures? People who have, hate them – but they still had to go to work with them. Not any more! People who wear Springsoles simply don’t have those kinds of problems.
    • Help you perform better at work
      Over the years these little increases in performance have helped many athletes win championships and perform their best times. None ever became a super hero just by using Springsoles. But that 10% or 20% lift always helped them do their very best. Springsoles during their workouts and then during competition. This is how we can say that Springsoles will help you perform better at work.
    • Will work for everybody
      Springsoles are safe, reliable, and consistent. Springsoles help retail clerks, nurses and doctors, dentists, delivery men and women, carpenters, plumbers, other craftsmen, farmers and warehousemen, barbers, recreational hikers, miners, restaurant workers, conventioneers, a trip to Disneyland all day with kids, oil field workers, basic training for the armed services, firemen, police officers, and even musicians and entertainers. – virtually all members of the workforce – without the use of steroids, pills, potions, salves, etc
    • Fit any shoe in the world
      The 1/16th inch Springsoles is designed to fit any shoe in the world. But if you need to – you can just trim them to any size you want.
    • Outlast your shoe
      Springsoles in most all cases outlast the shoe, a minimum of 1,400 hours.

Since 1998 we have been helping athletes run faster, jump higher and be stronger. Springsoles made it happen for them and we will make it happen for you – no matter what you do to make a living.

Take care of your feet by putting Springbak® Springsoles in your shoes – and your feet will take care of you!


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