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Jump Higher – Hit Harder – Move Faster


Springbak® Springsoles


There’s a big time reason why Volleyball champions use Springbak® Springsoles!

Volleyball Players Jump Higher – Hit Harder – Move Faster with Springbak Springsoles

Volleyball Players Jump Higher – Hit Harder – Move Faster with Springbak® Springsoles

It took 6 years of R&D at a cost of $4 million to produce this 1/16th -inch platform, manufactured in the shape of an insole. You just step onto a pair of Springsoles and the flow of electrical current in your body will speed up – a minimum of 10%. It’s the combination of space age materials in a patented formula and design that does the job.

The instant you step onto your Springsoles you will:

  • jump higher
  • hit the ball harder – faster
  • move to the ball with greater power
  • have greater endurance
  • avoid shin splints and other leg injuries
  • recover faster

Here’s how Springsoles work:

They are the most incredible piece of athletic equipment you’ll ever use.

Instantly, Springsoles create a symbiotic relationship with your feet and your body. The increased speed of the electrical currents in your body help you pull a little more energy from your own muscles – your own power plant.

    • FACT: Current flow speeds up
      Scientists have known for over 75 years that when current flow speeds up, the natural result is an increase in an athlete’s capacity to pull a little more energy from his own body.
    • FACT: Immediately increase muscle elasticity and range of motion
      Scientists have proven that Springsoles do in fact speed up the body’s electrical current and that immediately increases an athlete’s muscle elasticity and range of motion a minimum of 15%.
      Springsoles DRASTICALLY REDUCE LEG INJURIES. We can’t emphasize this enough. Years of experience have shown that coaches who put Springsoles in the shoes of their athletes simply don’t have shin splint problems and many other kinds of leg problems. How many leg injuries did you and your team mates have to deal with last season? Whatever the number, with Springsoles you will dramatically reduce the chance of having leg injury problems.
    • FACT: Run faster and farther
      When you and your team mates run conditioning drills with Springsoles in your shoes you will run faster and farther; serve, hit, block and dig with more power; lift more reps with heavier weights, generate greater endurance and reduce your fatigue. We no longer have to prove this – it just happens.
      • FACT: Get Results!
        Springsoles are safe, reliable, and consistent. Athletes get these results without steroids, pills, potions, salves, incantations or any other device.
        For years volleyball champions and players on all levels have gained superiority while using Springsoles.

Check it out:

USA National Team Volleyball
Australia National Team Basketball
Costa Rica National Team Volleyball
Springsoles were standard issue for the Men and Women’s 2004 USA Olympic Volleyball Teams
Springsoles were used by 10 of the last 14 NCAA Division I Men’s & Women’s Volleyball Championship teams
UC Irvine 2007, 2009, 2012, 2013 (Men) National Volleyball Champions
USC Women 2003/2002/2001 NCAA Volleyball Champions used Springsoles
University of Nebraska 2006 & 2000 National Volleyball Champions
Stanford Women stopped USC’s 3-peat, winning the 2004 NCAA Volleyball Championship using Springsoles
UCLA 2005 (Men’s) National Volleyball Champions
BYU Men were NCAA Champions in 2004, 2003, and 2002 in Volleyball using Springsoles
Elmhurst College Volleyball
Utah Valley University Volleyball

Hugh McCutchen (Assistant coach of the Mens’ U.S.A. National Volleyball team) said this prior to his Olympic coaching assignment:

“I tested the spiking speed of our men’s volleyball team with a radar speed gun. After an hour of testing it became apparent they were spiking approximately 5% faster in Springsoles . Their vertical leap improved an average of 3 inches — with our most explosive athletes gaining 3.5 inches.”


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