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Sam increased his jump by 2 inches with Springbak Springsoles

Sam increased his jump by 2 inches – from a standing start – right under the basket – first without Springsoles in his shoes – and then with Springsoles in his shoes. Nothing else had changed. And that’s about the average increase everyone gets – a 2-inch increase in height with Springsoles. You want to jump higher? Get yourself some Springsoles.

It’s not a secret any more.
For the past 7 years we’ve been working with schools and teams – both amateurs and pros — across the United States, and around the world.

Springbak’s Springsoles always will make basketball players:

  • Jump higher
  • Run faster
  • Move quicker to the ball
  • Play with more energy
  • Set stronger pics
  • Grab more contested rebounds
  • Have greater endurance
  • Avoid shin splints and other pesky leg problems
  • And a whole lot more.

We’re not foolin’  – Here’s how Springsoles work

Springsoles are the most incredible piece of athletic equipment you’ll ever use.

It took 6 years of R&D at a cost of $4 million to produce this 1/16th -inch platform, manufactured in the shape of an insole. You just step onto a pair of Springsoles and the flow of electrical current in your body will speed up – a minimum of 10%. It’s the combination of space age materials in a patented formula and design that does the job. Instantly, Springsoles create a symbiotic relationship with your feet and your body. The increased speed of the electrical currents in your body help you pull a little more energy from your own muscles – your own power plant.

    • FACT: Current flow speeds up
      Scientists have known for over 75 years that when current flow speeds up, the natural result is an increase in an athlete’s capacity to pull a little more energy from his own body.


    • FACT: Increases muscle elasticity
      Scientists have proven that Springsoles do in fact speed up the body’s electrical current and that immediately increases an athlete’s muscle elasticity and range of motion a minimum of 15%.


      Springsoles DRASTICALLY REDUCE LEG INJURIES. We can’t emphasize this enough. Years of experience have shown that coaches who put Springsoles in the shoes of their athletes simply don’t have shin splint problems and many other kinds of leg problems. How many leg injuries did you and your team mates have to deal with last season? Whatever the number, with Springsoles you will dramatically reduce the chance of having leg injury problems.


    • FACT: Run faster and farther
      When you and your team mates run conditioning drills with Springsoles in your shoes you will run faster and farther, lift more reps with heavier weights, generate greater endurance and reduce their fatigue. We no longer have to prove this – it just happens to – and for – serious athletes.


  • FACT: Get Results!
    Springsoles are safe, reliable, and consistent. Athletes get these results without steroids, pills, potions, salves, incantations or any other device.
    Springsoles in your shoes this off-season and through your games next Fall, could be the very edge you need to win it all.
    Remember – if you’re not using Springsoles – sooner or later you will be competing against someone that is.

Bottom line is that you will see a dramatic increase in your overall performance, not only in the off-season but also next fall when you line up against your biggest opponent.

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