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Players with Springbak® Springsoles run across the field faster – with more endurance!

Faster How?
There is a time honored formula for improving running speed: shorten footplant time and increase stride length. Running on a resilient surface such as a rubberized track will accomplish both. NFL combine scouts know this as a fact and will deduct .15 of a second off a 40 yard dash times on an artificial turf vs. rubberized track. Unless your sport is track and field you do not play on a rubberized surface. There is a way however to make your playing surface like a rubberized track. You can put material far more resilient than a rubberized track inside your athletic shoes. Whether your playing surface is dirt, grass, concrete, a wooden floor or an artificial turf field; you will have the same speed (or jumping ability) benefits of playing on a rubberized track.

Remember – if you’re not using Springsoles – sooner or later you will be competing against someone that is.

Bottom line is that you will see a dramatic increase in your overall performance, not only in the off-season but also next fall when you line up against your biggest opponent.

“We tried using the Springbak® insoles on 7 or 8 of our athletes and every one of them commented that they felt better. They felt like they got a little more bounce off the track. They felt like they were running easier and the Springbak® insoles did increase their speed some. I think the insoles really helps them; they need something to cushion that shock. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Springbak® insoles have helped. I go mainly on what I see and how the athletes respond and if they tell me that it feels good, that they feel like they’re getting off the ground quicker, then that’s what counts.”
Jim Bush, Former Head Coach, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA & UCLA Track Teams – Five NCAA Track Championships

“In the BYU Intercollegiate weight room, we strength tested 20 Brigham Young University athletes with and without the Springbak® Springsoles in their shoes. Twenty athletes simply trial tested dumbbell weights they could only do one repetition on (one arm overhead press)without Springbak ®Springsoles in their shoes.  After a 3 minute rest (the time it took to put Springsoles in their shoes) the athletes took the same dumbell and did as many repetitions as possible with the Springbak® Springsoles in their shoes. Those twenty athletes averaged 5.2 more repetitions with Springbak® Springsoles in their shoes. Going from one to five repetitions was significant. Conclusion, our athletes were stronger with Springbak® Springsoles in their shoes”.
Mark Robison: Head Coach Track and Field – Brigham Young University.

“I personally took part in double blind speed testing of 31 athletes from Brigham Young University, the Czech Republic National Track, and Junior National Soccer Teams. The results of the study showed a very impressive 1-1/2 percent improvement in speed.”
Edward Vozar, former Asst. Coach of the CZECH REPUBLIC NATIONAL TRACK TEAM

“We did a blind treadmill study at the University of Southern California on stride length improvement using Springbak® Springsoles versus placebo pads at 2.5 mph. There was over 2-1/2 percent fewer strides and, at 4.5 mph, there were approximately 4-1/2 percent fewer strides with Springbak® material inserted in the participant’s shoes.”
Dr. Robert Wiswell, Chairman of the Exercise Science Department at UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA

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