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Springbak® Performance Boosting Springsoles


Secret to Ride faster, for longer,
with less fatigue.



Springbak® Springsoles


Springbak® Springsoles will help you pump faster, with more strength, and less fatigue
– and we’re not kidding!

Springbak Springsoles will help you pump faster, with more strength, and less fatigue.

“I’m very pleased with the insoles. They’re certainly living up to the expectations I had for them after reading through the Springbak.net website. I’m feeling strong, but it’s not just strength, it’s stable strength that can be transferred to the ground efficiently – moving me forward while conserving energy. Towards the end of a longer run I still feel fresh, and able to maintain a quick and efficient stride.” Brendan Brazier – World Class Ironman athlete

Springbak® Springsoles were first developed to help track and field athletes run faster and jump higher. Springsoles patented design, scientific research, and testing revealed that the use of Springsoles by an individual, also increases their strength and endurance by initiating a natural scientific process.

Now Springsoles are used world wide, not only by track and field athletes but athletes in every sporting venue, including bikers – lots of bikers. And as a biker, if you’re not using Springsoles in your shoes you’re not getting the most out of your rides.

How Springbak® Springsoles work

Springsoles are made out of blended space age materials and shaped into a 1/16th inch thick insole which fits all bicycle shoes.

Springbak Springsoles

Springbak Springsoles

Springbak® Springsoles’ patented design and materials create a symbiotic relationship with your foot the instant you step on them. Independent scientific research & testing validates the fact that Springsoles speed up the electrical current flow in the human body a minimum of 10%. That increased electrical flow reaches up and draws a little more from your own muscles. You become a bit stronger and the additional current flow also make the muscles more flexible, thus you increase your range of motion a minimum of 15%. You will have a little more strength, while experiencing less fatigue & recovery time. They’re amazing! With Springsoles in your shoes, you get the most out of your rides. They work for everyone.

Science has proven Springbak Springsoles will:

    • Make you Pump faster
      Springsoles will help you pump faster, with more strength. It’s a proven, scientific fact.


    • Increase your endurance
      Springsoles will increase your endurance


    • Give you more power
      Springsoles will help you smooth out those hills and power down them with greater control.


    • Make you Recover Faster
      Springsoles will help you recover faster with less fatigue, on every ride.


    • Completely eliminate shin splints
      Springsoles will improve your balance, completely eliminate shin splints and help reduce the risk of other common leg injuries. We know that because track coaches discovered their athletes no longer developed shin splints with Springsoles in their shoes.


    • Fit any shoe in the world
      The 1/16th inch Springsole is designed to fit any shoe in the world. But if you need to – you can just trim them to any size you want.


    • Outlast your shoe
      Springsoles in most cases outlast the shoe, a minimum of 1,400 hours.

In every case Springsoles have helped those who wear them.

Scientific tests that have been conducted in controlled environments, and the bottom line is that Springsoles work – for everyone!


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