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Faster How?
There is a time honored formula for improving running speed: shorten footplant time and increase stride length. Running on a resilient surface such as a rubberized track will accomplish both. NFL combine scouts know this as a fact and will deduct .15 of a second off a 40 yard dash times on an artificial turf vs. rubberized track. Unless your sport is track and field you do not play on a rubberized surface. There is a way however to make your playing surface like a rubberized track. You can put material far more resilient than a rubberized track inside your athletic shoes. Whether your playing surface is dirt, grass, concrete, a wooden floor or an artificial turf field; you will have the same speed (or jumping ability) benefits of playing on a rubberized track.

How is this possible?
* Springbak® Springsoles are made from the two most resilient material in the world. Butadiene and Natural Rubber. In fact, butadiene rubber has 15% more resilience or bounce than any material in the world. Futhermore, Springbak® holds exclusive patent rights to use butadiene rubber in footwear.

Springbak® currently holds four separate USA patents (and one foreign patent) under the category of “performance enhancing” shoe components, which are the result of 12 long years of research and development. Springbak® Springsoles are really a patented platform, manufactured in the shape of an insole made from a blend of patented space age materials.

When inserted, Springbak’s patented Springsoles always increase core body strength immediately , by raising the Vibration Frequency of the human body, thus increasing the speed of the body’s electromagnetic system. This in turn speeds up your body’s electrical currents which are the vehicles that send messages to the brain & back to the muscles, thus allowing you to pull more energy from your own power plant-the human body.

This well known and validated scientific process is called Vibration Frequency, which has been taught in the USA medical schools, kinesiology, bio-mechanical, and physical therapy classes for well over 100 years. The Japanese and Chinese have been applying this process by hand manipulation in massage therapy and acupuncture for over a thousand years.

Springbak® is indeed the world leader, with it’s cutting edge scientific progress for athletes. The 1/16th of an inch patented platforms are designed to fit any athletic shoe. When the Springsoles are inserted, the proven scientific fact(s) are; they enable an athlete to draw more energy from their own body, thus allowing the athlete to maximize their own muscle potential for training and competition. Another marvelous feature of the Springsole is Springbak’s patented “recoil process”, which totally eliminates shin splints (forever) while reducing fatigue and recovery time.

Springbak has been issued four patents:

Patent issued: July 8, 2003
Validation of Strength, Balance, and Stability Enhancements
Patent Issued: Sept. 19, 2000
Validation of Speed, and
Jumping Enhancements
Patent Issued: December 9, 1997
Validation of Speed, and
Jumping Enhancements
Patent Issued: Sept. 10, 1996
Validation of Speed, and
Jumping Enhancements


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