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Springbak® Performance Boosting Springsoles


Here’s the world’s best kept secret about
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Springbak® Springsoles


Simply put – you will always play better with Springbak® Springsoles in your golf shoes
— and we’re not kidding!

Simply put – you will always play better with Springbak's Springsoles in your golf shoes — and we’re not kidding!

Improve Your Golf Game with Springbak Springsoles

Springbak’s Springsoles are made out of a patented blended of space age materials, manufactured in the shape of a 1/16th inch thick insole which fits all golf shoes. When your foot touches this amazing material, a natural scientific symbiotic process takes place which speeds up the electrical current flow in your body instantly. That increased electrical flow causes your muscles to perform better. This natural process also helps to increase your muscle elasticity which increases you range of motion a minimum of 10%.

Everything you want to do with your driver – your irons – and your putter will be done with greater precision, control and strength.

You can slow your swing down to 7/8ths for more control – but you will watch your ball go, on average, 5 to 10 yards farther. That’s because you will be drawing a little more energy from your body – thanks to your Springsoles.

Springsoles work for everyone! It’s been scientifically proven. It’s based on a natural scientific process which is generated by a patented design.

Since 1998 we’ve been helping average athletes become champions simply by putting Springsoles inside their shoes. In every case athletes run faster, jump higher, become stronger with greater endurance, and less fatigue. In addition, Springsoles are internationally famous for eliminating shin splints and most tendonitis problems. And when their workouts or physical exercises are over, they always recover faster.

Benefits Springbak® Springsoles bring to golf:

    • Immediate energy increase
      Enables you to walk further with less fatigue & quicker recovery time.


    • Draw more energy from your own body
      The natural scientific process created by wearing Springsoles will immediately enable you to draw a little (but significant) more energy from your own body.


    • Swing the club head with more control, for a greater distance
      With this extra bit of (scientifically measured) strength, you will naturally swing the club head with more control, for a greater distance.


    • Improved balance
      The patented Springsoles by design, significantly improves your balance which means more control for your swing & putting. This is hard for some people to believe so read our patents and independent scientific case studies.


    • Less walking fatigue
      So when you drop that last putt on the last green using Springsoles, you’ll feel much better with less fatigue, and you’ll love the improved score for 9 to 18 holes!

This is no clubhouse myth! It happens all the time. Whether you’re a pro, an amateur, or one of us duffers, Springsoles will help you with your game.

Springsoles are the most effective, cost justifiable thing you can do for yourself and your golf game. For just $24.95 plus shipping and handling you will tee off with more than 1500 hours of major golfing. We guarantee them to work for that long.

Take care of your feet with Springsoles – and your feet will take care of you.


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