The facts about Springbak® Springsoles / Insoles

1.  Springbak® Springsoles insoles are made from the first footwear material to be issued U.S. patents in the category of “Performance Enhancing Shoe Components”

2.  Springbak® Springsoles are made from the two most resilient material in the world. Butadiene and Natural Rubber. In fact, butadiene rubber has 15% more resilience or bounce than any material in the world. Futhermore, Springbak® Springsoles holds exclusive patent rights to use butadiene rubber in footwear.

3. They have been tested at an independent testing lab at 84% energy return.

4. The have an electric field that has been scientifically validated to show that they strengthen the body.

With these forces acting together you will:

* Be Immediately Stronger

* Run Faster

* Jump Higher

* Jump Further

* Feel Less Fatigue

* Be More Energetic

* Be Less prone to Foot, Joint and Back Pain

* Eliminate Shin Splints

What Do The Professionals Say about the
Springbak® Springsoles Insoles?

“There is some new, relatively simple equipment being developed that can improve speed. One such product is the Springbak® Springsoles insoles. These insoles go into the shoes, and when you stand on them you become stronger. When running, they allow over 80% return of energy. This in turn improves your running speed significantly.”

(Michael Yessis, PhD., is the President of Sports Training Inc. Dr. Yessis serves on the advisory board and is the clinical advisor for the American Running Association.)

Remember the Key!

Springbak® Springsoles insoles work!

Springbak® is indeed the world leader, with it’s cutting edge scientific progress for athletes. The 1/16th of an inch patented platforms are designed to fit any athletic shoe. When the Springsoles are inserted, the proven scientific fact(s) are; they enable an athlete to draw more energy from their own body, thus allowing the athlete to maximize their own muscle potential for training and competition. Another marvelous feature of the springsole is Springbak’s patented “recoil process”, which totally eliminates shin splints (forever) while reducing fatigue and recovery time.

Springbak has been issued four patents:

Patent issued: July 8, 2003
Validation of Strength, Balance, and Stability Enhancements
Patent Issued: Sept. 19, 2000
Validation of Speed, and
Jumping Enhancements
Patent Issued: December 9, 1997
Validation of Speed, and
Jumping Enhancements
Patent Issued: Sept. 10, 1996
Validation of Speed, and
Jumping Enhancements

They are the ONLY insoles ever to have patents issued by the USA Patent office, that verify, an increase in speed, quickness, vertical leap, strength, and a reduction in physical fatigue.

Measuring Increased Strength:

Your increase in strength can be immediately noted or measured by your increase in pull-ups, push-ups, or lifting weights. This has been studied and verified by the “Force Plate” research strength tests at Weber State & the University of Southern California (USC) and this research has been verified by Brigham Young University in their gerontology research studies.

Springbak® Springsole insoles do just two things: they compress and then they spring back. Because of the 80% resilience, they do not lose their “spring-back” quality over time. Regular insoles take the wear and tear of the foot directly, not the Springsole insoles, they can last through several pairs of shoes.

“Our department sponsored a strength and stability study at the Weber State University human performance lab. After reviewing the force plate data, showing it took more than twice the force to push off the subjects off the force plate when standing on Springsoles, we have to conclude there is significant strength increase to individuals utilizing Springsoles.”
Howard Gray, PhD – Director of the Department of Gerontology at Brigham Young University


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