F.A.Q.’s about Springbak® Springsoles / Insoles

Q… What’s the deal about reducing fatigue, I’m a distance runner?
A:  One ofSpringbak’s designs is referred to as the return of energy. Its been linked to the comment of “reducing gravity”, by biomechanical and research scientists, such as Dr. Michael Yessis, Ph.D. Dr Yessis’ most recent publication confirmed that he had conducted research that proved the Springbak® insole indeed has a substantial return of energy with reduced fatigue results.

Q… About how long would it take to reach my house, if I were to order today?
A:  We ship all orders within 48 hours or sooner. All orders are shipped USPS Priority mail with delivery confirmation. Your order will arrive within 4-5 days. All overseas order are shipped via Global Priority Mail, which takes approximately 7-10 days. We also offer Express Delivery which is next day service. (USA Only)

Q… I play basketball, what type of vertical leap improvement may I expect?
A:  Most people using the insoles average approximately 2 inches increase in their vertical leap, but a more explosive type individual will get 3 or more.

Q… What sizes are the insoles? Do they fit all shoes?
A:  The insoles come in all sizes for adult men and women, They fit in practically (99%) of any type of shoe including hiking boots and everyday work shoes. Simply put the Springbak® Springsoles insole into your shoe (less than 3/16 of an inch thick), then put your regular shoe insole back on top. Since every foot is different like fingerprints, the insole is designed to remove the excess with scissors.

Q… How long do the insoles last?
A:  Lifetime of an insole typically lasts 2-3 years. Some people put in new Springbaks once a year, even though it’s not necessary. Some of our pro athletes put in new insoles every month, but newer insoles are virtually identical to older insoles as to performance.

Q… Would the insoles work for my dad who is on his feet all day as a postal worker?
A:  Yes indeed, but if he doesn’t notice a difference in leg muscle fatigue after a few short days, we would refund his money.

Q… How do they improve strength?
A:  The 12+ years of design by Mr .Crow along with the careful blending of space-age materials give Springbak® Springsoles the perfect platform for one to draw the maximum electrical currents for one’s muscles to perform. The better your muscles perform, the better for you to improve muscle strength.

Q… I’m majoring in modern dance at NYU, can these insoles really help me to leap higher?
A:  Yes, for the same reason that they help the basketball player. Whether you are a volleyball player, dancer, football player, or high jumper, our research shows that increased muscle strength and the return of energy result in better leaping and jumping.

Q… Faster How?
A:  There is a time honored formula for improving running speed: shorten footplant time and increase stride length.  Running on a resilient surface such as a rubberized track will accomplish both. NFL combine scouts know this as a fact and will deduct .15 of a second off a 40 yard dash times on an artificial turf vs. rubberized track.

Unless your sport is track and field you do not play on a rubberized surface. There is a way however to make your playing surface like a rubberized track. You can put material far more resilient than a rubberized track inside your athletic shoes. Whether your playing surface is dirt, grass, concrete, a wooden floor or an artificial turf field;, you will have the same speed (or jumping ability) benefits of playing on a rubberized track.

Q… How is this possible?
A:  Springbak® Springsoles are made from the two most resilient material in the world. Butadiene and Natural Rubber. In fact, butadiene rubber has 15% more resilience or bounce than any material in the world. Futhermore, Springbak® holds exclusive patent rights to use butadiene rubber in footwear.


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