Triathlon Training Trips – Ironman Triathlete Brendan Brazier’s Top Training Pointers


Marathon Runner Crossing The Finish Line 1) Positive Attitude: Enthusiasm and enjoyment of the sport is necessary for success. “I run because I enjoy it. It’s that simple. I believe my success as an athlete is directly related to my love of the sport. Since I perceive it as stress-relieving, it is. For me, there’s no better way to mentally de-stress than going for a long bike ride or run.

2) Don’t GO Buck Wild: Pace yourself. Enthusiasm is great but it often overflows at the beginning, leading to over-training and most likely injuries or at the very least, general fatigue. It takes years to build up the aerobic engine, so patients are a virtue. The number one reason for injury is building up mileage too quickly. Increasing mileage by no more than 10% weekly is a good way to prevent injuries. Provided an athlete’s diet is good and they stay injury free, most endurance athletes peak in their mid-30’s.

3) Increase Your Intake of Raw Fruits and Vegetables: For optimal hydration, replace dry, cooked and processed foods with fresh fruits and vegetables. Most raw foodies don’t need to consume as much water as those on a standard diet. The shift toward more raw foods will certainly help maintain hydration, and might even improve your overall health.

4) Eat Your Electrolytes: Dulce, available in most health food stores, is an easily digestible seaweed that’s rich in electrolytes, chlorophyll and B vitamins. Munch it throughout the day to ensure the electrolytes lost during workouts get replaced. Electrolytes regulate the smooth and efficient contraction of muscles.

5) Focus on Abs: I train abs five times a week because a strong midsection helps prevent low back injuries and increases running efficiency.

Tips Provided By Brendan Frazier – World Class Ironman Athlete

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