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Article by William Crow – Former Professional Basketball Player – Chairman Springbak Inc.

Basketball Footwork - Drive to the Basket
Great footwork skills are necessary to beat a defender on a drive to the basket. Why? This ability is extremely important because the more the ability the offensive player has to drive past a defender, the more a footwork skills come into play. Great footwork skills will cause the defender to play further off the offensive player making it easier to get off a jump shot.

How do I beat a defender on a drive to the basket?

Step one: Create a driving alley either left or right.
Step two: The first movement if driving to the left is to first (as quickly as possible) plant your right foot onto the floor for a quick push off to the left. The entire inside length of your right shoe should hot the floor at the same time (to take any stress off your ankle).

As soon as the shoe hits the floor, spring to the left. If you are wearing Springbak Springsoles in your shoes, the spring effect of the Springsoles will quicken your push off to the left. Your cut to the left is in effect a low lateral jump to the left, to move your body into that driving lane before the defender can react and get there before you do. If you get there at the same time and collide, the foul is on the defender. If you get to the alley before the defender, you have a drive to the basket.

As you spring off your right foot, you should simultaneously step out with your left leg and lean your shoulder to the left. When you left ankle hits, push off hard towards the basket. To drive to the right, (and you need a move in both directions) just reverse the move to the left instructions.

Have fun and practice great footwork to improve your game tremendously.

William Crow – Chairman Springbak Inc.


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