Springbak Basketball Training Tips – Driving to the Basket


Article by William Crow – Former Professional Basketball Player / Chairman Springbak Inc.

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When you drive to the basket you must normally beat two people. The first is the man that is guarding you. The second is the big man guarding the basket. How to beat the man guarding you was covered in a previous blog. The concentration here will be how to beat the big man guarding the basket. Remember driving to the basket is the best way to get to the foul line!

Here are some tips on driving to the basket:

1.  Accelerate your last two steps.

2.  Remember that your momentum will carry momentum on the basketball toward the basket – so flip the ball straight up in the air when accelerating to allow your momentum to carry the ball to the basket.

3.  Accelerate toward a spot on the backboard away from the big man defender.

4. Flip the ball HIGH on the backboard with soft backspin so the basketball will drop down into the basket, not careen the ball off the backboard.

5. Put the ball up quick, before the defender can react. Our Springbak Springsoles will give you quicker reaction time and a quicker release. Keep a short shooting stroke, this technique was covered in a previous blog post as well.

6. If the defender is near the basket you have the option to drive past the defender and bring the basketball back to the basket off the backboard with spin.

7. Remember you have obstacles on your side:

a.  One obstacle is the basket itself. If you can jump high enough to extend the basketball above the basket, the rim will act as an obstacle to the defender.

b.  Also, use your body often as an obstacle. Keep your body between the basket and your defender, controlling the basketball with spin off the backboard. If the defender goes through your body to block the basketball, you will most likely get to the foul line.

c.  A third option is to make contact with your body to the body of the defender going up to block your shot. After contact, regain your balance then shoot. This is another trick that will probably get you to the foul line.

Have fun and enjoy the basketball tips – William Crow / Chairman Springbak Inc.

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