Springbak Basketball Shooting Tips – The Shooting Stroke


The Shooting Stroke – Line of Force:

From the legs, through the shoulder, then upward about a 60 degree angle.

Basketball Shooting Stroke Never break this line of force.  Why?

1) You lose power from the shoulder.

2) You slow your release – remember when you break that line you just have to bring the ball back to the line, that all takes time.

On a jump shot, as soon as you reach the top of your release gravity immediately pulls you down. So, the balance point of your jump shot is short indeed.

That is the main reason when you reach the top of your leap you should have a quick, short, tight shooting stroke. You can be bring the basketball up to that position when you are still going up-but when you reach the top you need a short (3-4 inches) tight, quick (meaning a quick explosion) of the upward push of the shoulder and extension of the forearm.

The Springbak Springsoles will also speed up the entire process for you. This short, quick reaction will activate an elastic reaction inherent in the wrist and fingers.

This shooting stroke will speed the roll of the basketball out of the hand and up the fingers toward the rim. The quicker the ball rolls up the fingers, the better the backspin on the basketball while in flight.

Next week we will discuss exactly why the shooter/scorer needs a quick release. Have fun and try out this proven shooting technique for yourselves, NBA style!

William Crow – Former Professional Basketball Player – Springbak Inc.

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