Springbak Springsoles Perform in the Hawaiian and Asian Markets



Honolulu Sharks Basketball Team Hawaii loves Springbaks especially those athletes in triathlons, marathons, volleyball and basketball. The Hawaii athletes are more competitive than ever and the Honolulu Sharks Basketball Teams – ( have really put the Springbaks to good use in their gold victories and competitive play in Las Vegas.  As more teams compete with our Sharks they learn of the advantages of Springbak Springsoles in their program.

We plan to sponsor the Punahou Basketball Teams this year as their talent deserves to bring back the State Championship with our products.

Currently, sales are good at Runner’s HI, Running Room and at McCully Bike shop, where the latest improved Springbaks can be purchased.

In Japan, several large athletic shoe companies have been evaluating the Springbaks for their shoes in volleyball, soccer and basketball which is very promising. Potential sales and interest are also being developed for Korea and Taiwan as they get more competitive in their sports as well.


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