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Gridiron Development Football League Partners with Amplify Your Performance, LLC ~ Promoting Springbak Springsoles

Baton Rouge, LA-On March 20, 2012, Gridiron Developmental Football League joins forces with Amplify Your Performance, LLC to implement Springbak Springsoles into the league for the 2013 season. The companies have become partners in order to promote health, longevity and integrity in the GDFL while increasing the athletic performances for league participants.

 Amplify Your Performance, LLC specializes in a variety of legal performance enhancing products for athletes and other materials geared towards athletic performance. The company is best known for its Springbak®Springsoles, currently the only patented, scientifically proven performance-enhancing insole on the market. The Springbak®Springsoles are designed to increase an athlete’s agility and strength while protecting the body through shock absorption – resulting in longer careers. Scientists and medical personnel have worked together to create the Springbak’s to have a dual effect – spring and bio-electrical. The spring effect increases the athletic ability which is measured and documented through higher verticals, faster timed races, increased stride lengths, and other measurable physical activity. The bio-electrical effect accelerates the vibration frequency or the current flow in the human body resulting in more energy. Today, the Springbak®Springsoles are gaining national attention as athletes ranging from high school students to NFL first round draft picks and Olympic athletes actively seek company CEO Eric Louis’ advice on increased athletic performance and specifically the Springbak®Springsoles.

“As a former professional athlete, I know the advantages in having a competitive edge while in competition,” Louis explained during a press conference, “When I started this company, I know most athletes are both looking for and wanting that competitive edge, unfortunately the majority find the edge using ILLEGAL performance enhancers. I wanted to provide products that would not only propel athletes to a new level of competition, but also protect their bodies in order to extend their projected career timelines, LEGALLY.”

Beginning in June 2013, Gridiron Developmental Football League participants will have the opportunity wear Springbak®Springsoles. Based on the scientific findings from Amplify Your Performance’s research team, the new implementation should result in more athletic, agile athletes and over time, longer, healthier careers for the players.

For more information on this partnership and Amplify Your Performance, LLC products, visit www.gdfl.org.

“Springbak is proud to have a professional athlete distributor like Amplify Your Performance, LLC promoting our product”. ~ Mark Vona – GM Springbak, Inc. 


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