Volleyball Jump Training


We hear these techniques from world class athletes and trainers all the time, there must be something here. The most important part of volleyball training is proper training. If an athlete jumps repeatedly with poor technique, they can seriously injure themselves. A good volleyball coach or trainer seems to always emphasize the importance of maintaining proper technique at all times.

When volleyball jump training, athletes should keep their knees directly in line with their ankles and not allow the knees to bend over further, reaching to where they are in line with their toes. This position puts stress on the knee, an already fragile part of the body. If athletes feel that they cannot get low enough in the sit before the jump, they should either widen their feet or lean further forward, allowing their rear to extend further back, while keeping a straight back.

Besides keeping the knees in line with the ankles, athletes should ensure that they are pushing off from the whole foot. Doing so ensures that athletes get full power in their jump and are not killing the height of the jump. When jumping, athletes should strive to leave the floor from the middle of the foot or the ball of the foot for maximum vertical.

Finally, athletes should land by rolling through the foot. This protects the knees and ensures stability as athletes move from jumping into another activity. The best way to land a jump properly is to allow the foot to land naturally in the air, with the toes down. This puts the athlete in the proper volleyball-player-picposition to land the jump.

We want you, the athletes, to give us comments here about your successful routine of volleyball training for proper technique and maximum vertical jumping ability.

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