Todd Christensen sets World Record wearing Springbak Springsoles


toddchristensen1Todd Christensen – Oakland Raider, 5 time Pro-bowl tight end and current masters track athlete set a new world record in the 60 meter high hurdles wearing Springbak Springsoles.

“As a tight end at 235 pounds I was far from the fastest player in the NFL and even farther from a track sprinter or professional soccer player of my era. This 2009 season while competing in a masters track meet, I set the world record in the 60 meter high hurdles (8.39 seconds) for my 50+ age group. I set that record with Springbak Springsoles in my spikes.”

“In June of this year while at Gold’s Gym, I did a strength test with and without Springbak Springsoles. I pulled off a heavy enough dumbbell I could only do one repetition while doing a one arm overhead press. I rested three minutes, pulled off the same weight and did five repetitions while using the Springbak Springsoles. Please draw your own conclusions!”   Todd Christensen

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