Basketball Tips from Springbak: Shooting The 3 – Rule The Net!


Article by Bill Crow – Former Professional Basketball Player – CEO/ Chairman Springbak, Inc.

Outside Basketball Shot - Go for 3!THREE POINT SHOOTING TIPS:
* A three can be taken jump shot style or jump set style.
* If moving or dribbling toward the basket, by all means take a jump shot where the basketball is released at the second best balance point, the top of the jump.
* A jump set, this is where the basketball is released as the shooter is just leaving the floor, provides the greatest balance to the shooter, as just leaving the floor is the greatest balance point.

There are many other advantages besides balance to shooting a jump set as opposed to a jump shot, they include the following:
* Greater shooting range because power is transferred into the shot from the legs.
* The release is much quicker, less chance of your shot getting blocked.
* Your balance is much better because the jump set is stationary versus a moving jump shot.
* As just stated, the maximum balance point to a shooter is when the athlete is just coming off the floor.
*The jump set can be taken right off the floor position with the shooting hand and leg forward. This driving position means the defender will have backed off some, to respect the possibility of a drive to the hoop. Thus making a quick release jump set nearly impossible to pressure.
* The jump set can easily be taken off a jab step where the shooter jabs with his pivot foot, then steps back and shoots.

* The basketball should be high enough for the jump set to be a one upward arm motion shot, this is usually chest to chin high.
* Set the feet in a driving stance with one foot slightly forward.
* When jumping to begin the shot, jump with a bounce. A bounce is a one motion jump where the knees are bent at the same time the calves flex and pull the foot off the floor.
* A quick bounce will get the greatest ‘spring’ return from your Springbak Springsoles, as this will give them the greatest compression and thus the greatest spring.
* This spring effect coupled with your bodies increased strength(because of the Springbak’s – remember the strength, balance and stability patent Springbak has been issued)should add two to three feet to your shooting range.
* As the shooter does a quick bounce, the one arm stroke begins at the same time (see prior shooting blog for proper shooting fundamentals. When both are done at the same time, maximum power is achieved, and the defender is given no advanced warning as the shot is off before the defender can react.
* Timing on a three point shot can be practiced by holding the basketball at chest or chin level, take three bounces, and release the ball on your third bounce. The spring action on your fingers should be happening at the maximum explosion point of the legs. If this timing is achieved your legs will be providing most of your shooting range.
* Please review my prior blog post on how to get elastic whip and your fingers spring action into your shooting release. This is very important information used when I coach college and professional level athletes! Remember, Rule the Net!
* The last step is to (through constant practice) time the elasticity in your wrist and fingers with the explosive bounce in your legs. When this extremely important timing becomes coordinated, achieving your 3 point shooting range will become much easier.
** Remember, our Springbak Springsoles will help greatly in achieving that 3 point shooting range you are looking for, and your coaches are watching, believe me!
* Also, remember your arm stroke should be explosive and at at least a 60 degree angle. This 60 degree angle will maximize power transfer from the legs. This 60 degree angle of the arm will give greater arch, which helps in two ways. First, it’s harder to pressure, and you are shooting in a circle rather than an oval when the ball comes down.

Enjoy these 3 point shooting tips, as you are learning the same things I teach at the University level and to professional athletes – See you on the floor!

Bill Crow – President & CEO Springbak, Inc.

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