Basketball Dribbling Tips by Former NBA player William Crow – Chairman Springbak Inc.


Basketball-Dribbling Always dribble with your wrist cocked back. Why?

* With your wrist cocked back, your arm, by muscle mechanics is lower to the floor and thus the height of your dribble is much lower and thus quicker and easier to control.

* The basketball on your dribble is closer to your body (primarily your hip) and is thus farther back from your defender.

* When your arm is behind the basketball this allows to PUSH the ball PAST your defender when making a drive toward the basket. When your hand is on top of the basketball, wrist extended, you can only push the ball downward to the floor thus eliminating any threat to push the ball past a defender, making your opponent more aggressive defensively.

* You can put greater stretch on your fingers and allow their elasticity to control the basketball, and increase the speed of the dribble.

Enjoy these tips and have fun!

William Crow – Chairman Springbak Inc.

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