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Springbak Sponsors No.1 Ranked BYU Rugby for 2012-13 Seasons

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Springbak announces official sponsorship of BYU Rugby with performance footwear.

Roundy leads the nation in scoring, but he can pretty much walk around campus in anonymity.

But that’s not the only difference between Roundy, who has recorded the most “trys” (analogous to touchdowns in football) in the country, and Cougar athletes like Jake Heaps or Jimmer Fredette.

At BYU, rugby is an extramural sport, which means Roundy does not receive an athletic scholarship or preferential treatment, unlike most of those who play NCAA-sanctioned sports such as football and basketball. He holds down a part-time job at Banana Republic at the local mall, and he pays team dues and chips in to cover travel costs. The team travels by bus to its destinations, and on the road, players stay at the homes of members of the LDS Church.

BYU Rugby uses the Springbak Springsoles in their program for many reasons. The Springsoles increase their stride length and quicken stride frequency, this makes for a much faster athlete. The Springbak Springsoles enables athletes to be quicker to the ball, have quicker reaction times, kick with more power and control, and more endurance are all contributing factors in BYU Rugby’s No. 1 National ranking. Go Cougars!

The Cougars are ranked No. 1 in the nation. When Roundy isn’t attending classes, studying or working, he’s devoting about 30 hours a week to rugby. A portion of that time is spent in the trainers’ room to be treated for a variety of injuries. Rugby players routinely hurt their ankles, shoulders and knees. Roundy sustained 13 stitches to his forehead after a 123-3 (no, not a misprint) victory over Wyoming on April 1.

“Our focus is school, then rugby,” Roundy said. “It’s a great balancing act, but it keeps things interesting.”

Why do Roundy and his teammates play this dangerous, unglamorous, and relatively obscure sport?

“We’re out here because we love the game. It’s something fun to do while we go to school,” he said. “Rugby is a fast game. Everybody gets to run the ball, even the big guys. Everyone likes to get a little aggression out.”

Mikey Su’a, who plays the prop position, which he describes as a hybrid of a fullback and lineman in football, grew up watching and playing rugby. His father played for the Cougars in the 1970s.

“I just love fitting in with the tradition of BYU rugby,” Su’a said. “To be able to follow my dad’s footsteps, and wear ‘BYU’ on our chests, is incentive enough.”

But there’s another big reason why they play. The Cougars, who have established themselves as a perennial power in rugby, are vying once again for the national championship, which they last achieved in 2009.

“That’s the ultimate goal,” said Su’a.

This year, for the first time, the collegiate rugby national championship will be played in the state of Utah at Rio Tinto Stadium on May 21. The Cougars, who conclude their regular-season schedule Saturday (12:30 p.m.) at South Field in Provo against Arizona State, must first survive the quarterfinals and semifinals.

“We’re hoping to get to the title,” said vice-captain, and flyhalf, Dylan Lubbe. “I’m not predicting anything yet. We have a long road ahead of us.”

We’re proud to sponsor BYU Rugby for the 2012-13 seasons – Bill Crow CEO/Chairman Springbak Inc.

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