Springbak Basketball Shooting Tips – Shooter / Scorer Needs A Quick Release


The best basketball shooters all have an extremely quick release with no more than two motions. Here are tips you need to incorporate into your shot.

Basketball Player Taking A Shot1) Straight up to the shooting stroke position off a pass reception or a dribble.

2) Never take the ball down to start a release, this just creates extra motion that slows the release

How long should the power stroke be? Only 3 to 4 inches max. Why?

3) This short quick explosion of the arm: upward push of the shoulder, quick extension of the forearm, all done at the same time

4) A quick release activates the elastic whipping action of the wrist and fingers.

How does a shooter get proper backspin on the basketball?

5 ) Backspin comes from the basketball rolling up the fingers at release.

The ball should be released off the middle finger. Why?

6) This allows the wrist to break directly at the rim

Should my elbow be in when I shoot the basketball? No. Why?

7) If your elbow is in when you shoot the basketball, this causes the wrist to be out of line with the basket.

Article written by William Crow – Former NBA Basketball Player * Chairman, Springbak Inc.


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