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Basketball Shooting Tips from Springbak, Inc.“Want to become a star basketball shooter and scorer?  What is the main key?

As a professional basketball player, I learned to develop a short, quick release to be competitive in the NBA.

Why, you ask? For several reasons:

1) A short, quick release will enable to get up more shots with less defensive pressure.

2) When you get to the top of your leap on a jump shot, you have a short, quick enough shooting stroke to start and release the basketball before gravity pulls you down and thus off balance. This is why you will never see a great shooter with a lot of arm motion in his or her shooting release.

What are the keys to a short, quick shooting release?

1) Have the basketball under control in both hands as you set your feet to start your upward jump on a jump shot. This is extremely important!

2) As you are on your upward jumping ascent, take the basketball directly up to the shooting or power stroke position without taking the basketball out of your line of force (from your legs, through your shoulder and on a 60 degree angle towards the rim).”

Article Written by William Crow – Former Professional Basketball Player – Chairman, Springbak Inc.

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